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Gone Viral TV has embraced the online culture and created a fresh outlet for bringing Millennials back to TV.  

Gone Viral TV has grown into a Network of five traditional HD Pay-TV channels that works with television operators, video creators and advertisers, to bring one of the best entertainment experiences onto TV.  


Gone Viral TV launched on SES1 in June, 2011 extending across the Americas, to be the first 24/7 linear Pay-TV channel to bring the most popular Internet videos from around the world to your television.  


Network programming consists of back-to-back, made-for-web, short-form videos of varying genres.  Hours and hours of brand new HD programming added each week and all commercial-free.   


With all the great content that is out there, we found that we couldn't just launch GVTV, we had to launch 5 based on various genres that Millennials wanted to see; Gone Viral TV (all genres), Gone Viral Music (all music genres), Gone Viral Vogue (fashion, beauty & food), Gone Viral X-treme (sports, cars and action), and Vamos Viral TV (Spanish).  

Our global networks of thousands of online video creators have racked up some impressive recognition with over 52 Billion online video views and over 300 Million subscribers.  They've gained so much attention that many have been recognized on several mainstream programs, including to name a few, the American Music Awards, MTV and the Conan O'Brien Show.


Gone Viral TV grows your audience through multi-platform networks including television, while facilitating collaborations between creators and top brands.  

We target the Millennials, and since launching in 2011 we have had thousands of viewers shouting out their love for our channels.

We help TV operators attract the Millenials back to television by providing them with the entertainment they are looking for in a format they love. The Gone Viral Network of programming is made up of five 24/7 linear HD TV channels all commercial-free.  

We connect brands through a targeted global TV & online multi-platform network, to provide the desired exposure your brand or product is looking for.  Since our television channels are all commercial-free, we work together with advertisers around product placements, credits and sponsorships within creators videos.  



Gone Viral TV has joined several TV, Cable and Internet Associations throughout the USA, Canada & Caribbean.  





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